There are lots of names which the Japanese knotweed can be recognized as Reynoutria japonica, Fallopia japonica and Polygonum cuspidatum are the scientific names for the Japanese knotweed. Reynoutria japonica is the oldest title offered in 1777 by Houttuyn, a renowned Dutch botanist.

This name became lost over 10 a long time with the weed named as Polygonum cuspidatum by Siebold and Zuchharini in 1845. Now, its primary scientific name is Fallopia japonica.

Intercontinental renown

The Japanese knotweed is internationally recognized in local names this kind of as American bamboo, Mexican bamboo, fleece flower, donkey or sally rhubarb, pea shooters, monkey weed, elephant ears, Hancock’s curse, crimson attractiveness, Huzhang and wild rhubarb.

This weed species belong to the Polygonaceae knotweed family which consist of the rhubarb, sorrel and buckwheat. This big herbaceous weed species is indigenous to China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It was to start with launched to the United states and Europe in the 19th century.


The Japanese knotweed is really multipurpose in its employs. It was initially intended to feed industry animals, stop soil erosion and be a ornamental plant with its compact white and creamy flowers. Its root extract was remarkably sought immediately after for Chinese medication.

Its young shoots can be eaten as vegetables and its stalk rind can be used in jams, soups and sauces. It can be built into a dessert dish with some resourceful culinary techniques and condiments.

Draw back

Nonetheless, this weed plant is considered as 1 of the most invasive weed species on just about every continent hence, efforts are produced to stem it out as a result of numerous eradication treatment plans. Uk ha a law in opposition to the spread of this weed species in its 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Australia and New Zealand have also encountered substantially issue in managing the huge unfold expansion of this weed. It can injury nearly any surface be it wall or floor. Foundations of properties can be cracked and turn into unstable with the presence of the Japanese knotweed.

A tiny shoot of this weed can force its way out of any small crack to cause significant damages. That’s why, pavements, drains, roadways, properties, flood defenses, historic structures, archaeological web sites and even cemetery can be weakened by the Japanese knotweed.

The fast progress of this weed plant can overtake river banks to avert obtain to the rivers. Indigenous crops are crowded out by the Japanese knotweed and soon go into extinction. Land worth plummets with the existence of the knotweed. Eradication of this weed plant is tough, high priced and not confirmed. 

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