Sara Snook is an expert in family law.

Sara joined the firm as a family solicitor in March 2022, after her admission to the bar in July 2017. All elements of family law are covered by her practise, and she often represents herself as an advocate in the family courts, up to and including trial, if necessary.

As a result of domestic violence, I was successful in ensuring that a ‘without notice’ non-molestation order was maintained, followed by a contact order requiring that the same parent only have letterbox contact with the children. Despite parental opposition, the couple was ultimately divorced, and the couple’s money were successfully split from their respective families. In addition, I routinely represented myself in Childcare procedures as well as in the Civil Courts in relation to housing concerns, notably wrongful eviction.”

She also routinely attended High Court sessions in the areas of child abduction and international child contact as a legal representative for her clients.