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When we talk about health, it is not just about eating right set of food nor having a healthy body. It is also about having a healthy mind and spirit. Good healthy is described as a condition where both the body and mind is working well and hand-in-hand. The main causes of poor health illnesses are improper diet, diseases, injury, poor hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle, poor peer and family relationship and mental disturbances (stress). However, as time goes by, our lifestyle has changed drastically which lead us to ignoring the importance of health.

Basically, we made this site because we want to share beautiful thoughts and tips about health. We will give you exciting articles and blogs that will change your life for the better. Always remember this, if you want to live a healthy and longer life, do everything that will keep you against negative feedbacks from people who doesn’t like you at all. If you’re healthy, you will be free from several diseases such as heart and lung disease.

To add on, having a healthy and peaceful life means living without pain, sufferings, discomfort and pain. I and my team are very confident to say that this site is for you.

Having a very good health has a positive impact on the productivity of everybody. Therefore, an organization should also give the prior significance to the health care of its employees through its policies. When the group is showing interests in the happiness and comfort of its employees, they in return will also feel more accountable and faithful towards the society. It improves communication and company’s health care costs.

We made this site out of love over health, nature and the people around it. This site may give you relevant articles about health, life and so much more.



Welcome to Club89! You are free to check the articles we write just for you and for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy. We assure you that we continually update the site with relevant and reliable articles. We want to be one good resource of health topics and guide on your day to day life.

Have questions, suggestions and recommendations? Check our FAQs or use our contact page.

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About Us

Hello everyone, welcome to my health blog, club89.org. My name is Christine, and I’m 48 years old. I am just a simple girl who loves everything related to health and being healthy. Also, I love spending my time with family and friends. I am the kind of person who doesn’t waste money, time and effort for nothing. I really do believe in the saying that “Health is wealth”. I don’t buy unnecessary things. Instead, I prefer buying food and other stuff that is good for my health and well-being. As much as possible, I want to keep my family and myself away from those harmful scenarios, illnesses and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and lung and heart disease.
Leading a healthy and smart life is more than just eating healthy foods and taking physical exercises. Oftentimes, you need to be wary of what you eat. Do you know if your foods give you all the nutrients you need? Do you regularly take the vitamins or minerals that make you stronger and healthier? Maybe, you have only a little knowledge about all these if you are a human among the 75% of the US population who have little or no knowledge about health.
No matter what type of dietary supplements or other vitamins are familiar to you. This blog will show you how to stay healthy and stronger. We will provide wonderful health blog just for you.
An increased level of awareness of health and nutrition makes today’s people look for the best supplements, energy boosters and other health products. So, the number of products along with manufacturers is increasing rapidly. Consequently, it becomes much difficult for people to choose what works best for them. Online sources are already flooded with the plethora of scientific details which make people tired of sorting out their essentials.
So, a source that provides every piece of detail in a comprehensive but precise manner is always the ultimate resort for people who need assistance with picking up the best supplements. This is what club89.org is all about.


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