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When my son was a month old, he was always having tummy troubles. He was colicky and would cry for almost four hours every night. My husband and I would have sleepless nights trying to calm and put him down to sleep. I felt helpless, frustrated and tired of doing almost anything to soothe my baby but nothing worked. So I researched about ways on how to calm my baby down and finally learned some winning ways.

The first thing I did was to establish a routine for my baby. Prior to putting him down to sleep, I give my son a warm bath. After bathing, it was time to dress up. But before that, I always give him a short massage. I learned that giving massage to babies is very beneficial to them and to us parents, as well. It is like a quick bonding experience for me and my

After feeding my baby, I usually hold him over my shoulder supporting his neck and back for him to have a good burp. My baby would often feel sleepy after feeding. He sends me signals like yawning, staring with gleaming eyes or being too active or inattentive to you. I do not neglect his gestures in order to avoid my being to fuss and eventually cry uncontrollably.

These were some of the ways I did for my baby to relax. There are plenty of other ways suggested on how to pacify our babies. Some experts would advise letting your child listen to white noise, also by keeping the environment conducive for sleeping. There are also over the counter medications that your baby’s pediatrician would advise for your baby’s colic.

Somehow I felt at ease when my baby learned to settle down and eventually stopped fussing. It was truly a challenging experience for me.  I am really glad that I have been through that phase now. It was a delightful and at the same time nerve-wracking experience.

Being a full-time mother is not easy. However, seeing my child living comfortably and healthy gives me more strength and power. Furthermore, my ultimate secret to protect myself from other harmful diseases and to become healthy, I always take Life Extension’s vitamins supplements.

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