Why Take Daily Multivitamins?

It is no surprise to know that we are not getting the much needed Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins and minerals from our daily food intake. You can say that you are consuming the suggested daily food servings, but it’s not an assurance that you get enough vitamins and minerals.

The farming practices have changed through time and alter the quality of the food that is being produced. Our soil today is not as fertile as it was before requiring the use of more fertilizers, supplements and other techniques to make the production high. Even though we are producing enough fruits and vegetables it doesn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals. Mass productions, cooking techniques and processing have reduced the quality of the farmed products. This is supported by the US Department of Agriculture, they compare the quality of spinach today with the spinach in 1960s, and they found out that today’s spinach is 7 times less nutritious than the spinach in the 1960s. Family on bikes outdoors smiling

The result of mass production degrades the top soils and devoid the natural nutrients existing in the soil that is needed by the plants. The uses of synthetic chemicals for pests and weeds have also an effect to the soil and to the plants. The premature harvesting of the fruits and vegetables for marketing reduce the quality of the produce; it will prohibit the anti-oxidants in the skin to form or be completed.

Why Take Daily Multivitamins?

Our bodies require vitamins and minerals to maintain the cellular efficiency. It activates the cellular enzymes that are very critical to the cellular function. If you are not consuming 5 to 7 servings of vegetables and fruits daily then you might have a nutritional deficiency. Humans need to take multi-vitamins and minerals to prevent diseases, maintain cellular efficiency, activate enzymes in our cells, and to keep our body and mind active. Daily intake of vitamins and minerals through supplements will help you get the much-needed nutrients that you can’t get on your food.

For women, vitamins and minerals are necessary. Women need extra nutrients coming from supplements and vitamins to stay fit and healthy. The responsibilities of women specifically mothers are substantial and sometimes overwhelming. They need to be energized and healthy all the time. And for them to look young and pretty, an affordable and quality beauty product can be used. ELF cosmetics are among the top affordable cosmetic products in the market today. You can use elf cosmetics coupons to get discounts.

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