Garlic And Chromium As The Two Powerful Supplements To Bring Relief From Critical Diseases

Relief From Critical Diseases

If you intend to take certain supplements for the betterment of your health condition, it can be a good idea if you can coordinate with an efficient physician. Are you concerned about the fact that supplements are not always backed up extensive scientific evidences? In most cases, your concerns are legitimate, but success stories that surround the supplement market are not to be overruled. Nowadays, the most common types of physical ailments include heart diseases, diabetes and certain types of cancers. You may be thinking that you ought to take a large number of supplements because each of these diseases has something to frighten you seriously. However, just think about garlic and chromium. These are quite common, aren’t they?

Let’s learn the facts that unlock the mysteries of the power of garlic and chromium to combat cancers, diabetes or heart problems.

Garlic as a helpful herb:

Garlic And Chromium

The use of garlic as a flavor to be added to your Mediterranean dishes is not just all about this herb. If you think it can be a simple charm you have to ward off the vampires, it is time to rethink. With several benefits to our heart health, garlic has already recognized as an outstanding dietary supplement. Maybe, you do not want to believe what a lot of online blogs say. Well, then you can rely on what the National Institutes of Health or NIH says. Different studies have discovered that garlic as an herb can remarkably reduce the regular blood pressure. In most cases the reduction is possible by no less than 8% in those who have already had hard times with high blood pressure.

Other studies suggest that garlic can reduce atherosclerosis and may bring a slight impact on either lowering or maintaining cholesterol level. Another possible effect of garlic may be slow hardening of our arteries as we grow old. These utilities ultimately contribute to healthier and functional heart while averting unnecessary risks of different heart diseases.

Can garlic fight the different types of cancers?

According to some researchers, garlic if eaten as a regular element of one’s diet can diminish the possibility of developing some types of cancer like stomach, rectal or colon cancers. However, it does not truly mean that garlic supplements have the power to deal with cancers because the amount of obtained data about its effectiveness is not up to the standard for a remedy for a serious disease like cancer.

Chromium as an essential metal to mitigates Type 2 diabetes:

Chromium help to relief from disease

Chromium is particularly labeled as an indispensable trace element because we can benefit from even a very small amount of this metal. A large number of people living in different parts of the world seem to be affected by Type 2 diabetes. In fact, the onset of this type has already become a critical issue that needs immediate attention.

According to the report of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, chromium when taken in the form of supplements can help normalize the levels of blood sugar. Deficiency of chromium may add to the glucose intolerance which is the likely factor to cause Type 2 diabetes. As the NIH acknowledges, chromium supplements contain the potent to lower levels of insulin. The decreased level of insulin contributes to the sound functionality of insulin in those who have Type 2 diabetes. However, a patient needs to be taken under the supervision of a physician who will coordinate everything optimally.

However, the prevention and overall management of diabetes can be possible if a patient takes no less than 35 micrograms of chromium a day. When buying a chromium supplement, you should check its label to see if it is labeled as “chromium picolinate” because it has been marked as the most effective chromium form.

Though many people believe chromium combats their obesity and helps body conditioning while promoting their weight loss plans, the evidence that could support this belief is not much convincing.


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