Factors To Consider Before Buying Football Cleats

Whnike cleatsatever your position is on the football field, you cannot play well without having the right set of shoes. There are several types of football shoes or most commonly known for athletes as cleats, specially designed for them. When buying shoes or cleats, it is best to understand the different types of cleats for you to be able to choose the right shoes for your position.

Here are the two important factors that you should consider before buying football cleats:

The first factor to consider is the level of incidence of the shoes. Football cleats have two styles, the football style with long cleats and the soccer style with shorter cleats. Long cleat football shoes are linked to higher incidence rate which means that the severity of leg injuries is also high compared to soccer shoes.

Second factor to consider is the type of cleats. There are two different types of cleats: detachable and molded cleats. Most safe cleats are basically designed for both grass and plain fields. So, if you want to enjoy playing football on the grass field, choose a multi-purpose cleat such as the Nike football cleats.

Differentiating Cleat Types

Again, there are two types of cleats: Molded and detachable. Most of the shoes are built and designed solely for grass fields.

Molded Cleats

This type of football shoes is perpetually attached to the outsole of the bottom part of the shoe. Grass or turf shoes usually utilize rubber cleats to give a better jump during the game. These shows are more affordable than with detachable shoes.

Detachable Cleats

This type of shoes uses a large-headed piece of metal that can be easily replaces and removed to fit conditions on all types of grass, may it be a wet or dry grass field. The flexibility of detachable cleats makes it more enjoyable on all types of football fields. Moreover, this shoe can be customized with other useful materials.

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