How I Calmed My Baby

When my son was a month old, he was always having tummy troubles. He was colicky and would cry for almost four hours every night. My husband and I would have sleepless nights trying to calm and put him down to sleep. I felt helpless, frustrated and tired of doing almost anything to soothe my baby but nothing worked. So I researched about ways on how to calm my baby down and finally learned some winning ways.

The first thing I did was to establish a routine for my baby. Prior to putting him down to sleep, I give my son a warm bath. I use a soap-free and hypoallergenic body wash for him particularly Aveeno Baby. I like it because it is lightly scented and it felt soft on my baby’s skin. After bathing, it was time to dress up. But before that, I always give him a short massage. I learned that giving massage to babies is very beneficial to them and to us parents, as well. It is like a quick bonding experience for me and my

After feeding my baby, I usually hold him over my shoulder supporting his neck and back for him to have a good burp. My baby would often feel sleepy after feeding. He sends me signals like yawning, staring with gleaming eyes or being too active or inattentive to you. I do not neglect his gestures in order to avoid my being to fuss and eventually cry uncontrollably.

These were some of the ways I did for my baby to relax. There are plenty of other ways suggested on how to pacify our babies. Some experts would advise letting your child listen to white noise, also by keeping the environment conducive for sleeping. There are also over the counter medications that your baby’s pediatrician would advise for your baby’s colic.

Somehow I felt at ease when my baby learned to settle down and eventually stopped fussing. It was truly a challenging experience for me.  I am really glad that I have been through that phase now. It was a delightful and at the same time nerve-wracking experience.

Aveeno Baby body wash can be purchased at a discounted price when you use Aveeno coupons.


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Back pain: Causes & Treatment

According to National Institute of Health: “back pain can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain that makes it hard to move. It can start quickly if you fall or lift something too heavy, or it can get worse slowly.”

Back pain is the most common complaint for most people. Lower back portion of our body is the most common site for back pain since it bears almost all of our body weight. According to study, it is a condition that caused when bones, muscles or spinal cord gets affected or damage. 9 out of 10 adults experienced back pain.

back pain

Fortunately, this condition can be prevented. Physicians can help you treat it with certain surgical procedures or simple and proper exercise.

The common cause of pain and its treatment will be discuss in this article.

Common cause of back pain:

  1. Overweight/Obesity

Overweight and Obese people are really at risk with this condition. Our body can only bear half of our weight. Once you gain more, and exceeds the ideal weight, you place more pressure in your spinal cord and experience moderate to severe back pain. That’s why pregnant women suffers moderate to severe back pain since the baby adds more on their weight.

Treatment: If you consult your primary physician, they will advise you to go on a diet and to exercise to prevent further bone and spine damage. Maintaining healthy weight can decrease the risk of having pain on your back. Pregnant women are advised to consume  more calcium in order to strengthen their bones.

  1. Back Injuries/Sprains

Most of us have extracurricular activities and sports. We do a lot of body works, lifting, twisting and exercise. The second most common cause of back pain is injuries, sprains or strains. We tend to over exercise to the point that we damage the cartilages, bones and muscles. Once we have damaged muscles, we can experience a severe back pain that needs medical treatment or surgery.

Treatment:  Physicians will advise you to rest if the condition is tolerable. But if with severe condition, Doctors will give you pain medications and sometimes place a back brace to immobilize your body and recover from stress .

  1. Bad body position

Bad body posture is a common cause of back pain. An example of a bad posture is sitting for a long time and slouching. When we slouch or sit for a long time, our muscles works much harder to keep the bones and spines balanced. Stressed muscles can lead to back pain and fatigue.

Treatment: Working and sitting 8 hrs a day can really cause back pain. Stretching your muscles and standing can help you relax and prevent backache. In severe cases, physicians will need to apply a back brace to correct damaged muscles.

  1. Poor lifestyle

Some of us are workaholics or maybe we just don’t have the time to exercise. Stiffness and stressed muscles related to lack of exercise can really cause moderate to severe back pain.

Treatment: Changing your lifestyle can help you lessen the risk of having back pain. Physician will ask you to limit or avoid smoking since it contribute in damaging your healing process, eat nutritious foods, exercise on a daily basis to strengthen your muscles and spine and. They will also ask you to take calcium supplements to support your bones.

  1. Anxiety and Stress

Stress contributes to back pains. When you are depress and very stress, you tend to pressure your body. Slouching and fetal posture is the common position we do when we have problems and stress. It will make our muscles more stiff and sometimes damage to our ligaments.

Treatment: Consulting a psychologist will help you lessen the level of your stress and anxiety. They will help you recover whatever emotional stress you encounter. Damaged muscles will be corrected with back brace and bed rest.

When you need critical health support, you can always go to your nearest chiropractic doctor. They know better in treating severe back pain since they are specialized in  neuromusculoskeletal system of the body. Providing an extra care to your body will prevent you from having back pains. You can reduce the pain by consuming natural based  products like Atkins. Avail of their atkins coupons printable and get big savings.

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It’s True, Fat is Good!

Nutritionists have taught that Fatty food and meat are bad because they raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This was based on a study of countries where fat consumption was highest and had the most cases of heart disease. Unfortunately, the study overlooked countries where people eat a lot of fatty food but have little heart disease, or countries where people consume little fat but have high rates of heart disease. However, recent studies have proved this well-preached concept to be wrong. Fat is now considered to be good.

atkins products

It is imperative to know the facts first before making a conclusion. Thus, this article will help you better understand Fat and its benefits.

Facts on Fats

Fat is one of the three main macronutrients (nutrient consumed in large amounts). Fats are categorized according to the number and bonding of the carbon atoms in the aliphatic chain: saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. Fats contain a combination of different fatty acids. No fat is purely saturated, or completely mono or polyunsaturated. Now, we will concentrate on saturated fat which is believed to be bad.

The Truth behind Saturated Fat

Saturated fat includes fatty meats, lard, full-fat dairy products like butter and cream, coconuts, coconut oil, palm oil and dark chocolate. It has been recently proven that saturated fat raises HDL (good cholesterol) levels and modify LDL (bad cholesterol). And that heart disease has no significant association with saturated fat. Also, studies show that fat consumption is beneficial and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Most of these studies are based on averages. Thus, on average, saturated fat is beneficial and not valid for all. This means that to some eating more fat have good effects. But to some individuals (especially with certain genetic disorders or gene variants) fats can be of danger. The other benefits of saturated fats: good for cooking and (when unprocessed and natural) are nutritious. Artificial and processed fats are the ones that need to be avoided.

Reduce Carbohydrates Instead of Fat

Omitting carbohydrate into your diet, rather than fat, can help you lose weight fast. Not only have that, eating little carbohydrates leaded to impressive health advantages.

People have benefited from adhering to Low-Carb Diet Programs, like that developed by Atkins. Bars with discount codes make them cheaper than other products in the market. You can get Atkins coupons 2014 on the internet and save on your purchases. They have a variety of options like sandwiches, shakes and other delectable desserts with low carbohydrates are also offered. These can be availed online. Remember, low carb-diet should be made a way of living.

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Vitamins, Supplements and Coupons

Vitamin World is renowned for manufacturing and distributing vitamins and nutritional supplements in retail stores across the United States. They thrive to bring out the best in one’s health. By painstakingly selecting the most unique ingredients found around-the-globe, they produce premium supplements that are tested to be effective and guaranteed safe. Not to mention, they also provide assistance in your journey to wellness. This includes friendly store staffs that are approachable and will help you find the tight nutrition for you.

vitamin world

vitamin world

However, great products come at a high cost. Not all can afford the products they offer. Prices range from a couple of dollars to hundreds and thousands, depending on what kind of supplement you’re looking for. Consumers are looking for health options that are not only efficient, but also budget-friendly. Most of the demand comes from the elderly community where income is fixed. How can this be solved?


A huge problem might rise out of this: only the upper class can have access to Vitamin World’s high-end healthcare products. However, there is an existing minor solution to this – vitamin coupons. Hundreds and even thousands are found over the internet.

Printable coupons for free vitamins or supplements are a great way to let the lower or middle class avail these lavish products. Huge discounts are also available. It ranges from 5 to 10% discount on premium or gold vitamin world products are up for grabs. Other offers like “Buy one take one” or “Buy one and get 50% off on your second purchase” are also at hand. All it takes is for you to look for a good website that offers legitimate and good deals.

Vitamin world’s official website offers a wide variety of deals as well. On top of that, they have a field where you can enter the coupon code. Plus, they have the Bonus Rebate number. That totals 3 discounts for just one product. Discounts on top of discounts! Now the question is, how to get the coupon working?

After obtaining one or more vitamin world promo codes, you can either write it down or have it printed. For online shoppers, you will need to copy the code and use it during checkout. On the other hand, for actual store shoppers, they can hand over the printable code to a cashier to avail of the promos offered. It is very easy and economical to use.

Various websites offer coupons that have offers changed every day. There are also those that are only valid for several seconds.  That is why one should be very patient and persistent if they want to get a hold of these ample discounts offered only on limited time.

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Why Take Daily Multivitamins?

It is no surprise to know that we are not getting the much needed Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins and minerals from our daily food intake. You can say that you are consuming the suggested daily food servings, but it’s not an assurance that you get enough vitamins and minerals.

puritan vitamins

The farming practices have changed through time and alter the quality of the food that is being produced. Our soil today is not as fertile as it was before requiring the use of more fertilizers, supplements and other techniques to make the production high. Even though we are producing enough fruits and vegetables it doesn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals. Mass productions, cooking techniques and processing have reduced the quality of the farmed products. This is supported by the US Department of Agriculture, they compare the quality of spinach today with the spinach in 1960s, and they found out that today’s spinach is 7 times less nutritious than the spinach in the 1960s.

The result of mass production degrades the top soils and devoid the natural nutrients existing in the soil that is needed by the plants. The uses of synthetic chemicals for pests and weeds have also an effect to the soil and to the plants. The premature harvesting of the fruits and vegetables for marketing reduce the quality of the produce; it will prohibit the anti-oxidants in the skin to form or be completed.

Our bodies require vitamins and minerals to maintain the cellular efficiency. It activates the cellular enzymes that are very critical to the cellular function. If you are not consuming 5 to 7 servings of vegetables and fruits daily then you might have a nutritional deficiency. Humans need to take multi-vitamins and minerals to prevent diseases, maintain cellular efficiency, activate enzymes in our cells, and to keep our body and mind active. Daily intake of vitamins and minerals through supplements will help you get the much needed nutrients that you can’t get on your food.

Family on bikes outdoors smiling

Puritan’s Pride is the leading provider of high quality vitamins, minerals and other food supplements. They maintain the use of quality ingredients which came from different parts of the world. They sustain their credibility by strictly following the company’s Quality Assurance Standards as well as the GMP food quality standards. The company sustains the competitive and affordable price of all their products by going through cost-reduction methods without compromising the quality and effectiveness. The Puritan pride coupon is offered to all customers for them to save on all their purchases. The company provides Puritan Pride coupon codes each month that are distinguished from each other and will expire in few months. Customers can acquire Puritan Pride coupons in the email inboxes or by visiting their Puritan’s Pride website. Eating vegetables and fruits are not enough to get the required nutrients, taking your daily multivitamins can supply you sufficient supplements to keep your mind and body healthy.


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Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar

Want a healthy, delicious best tasting snack? Then the Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar is best for you! If you love the other Quest Protein Bar products, you will also love the cookies and cream. This is one of the most anticipated snack products of Quest nutrition. It is probably their best tasting Quest Bar ever made. Take a bite into real cookie crumbles with delicious cream and the sweet vanilla goodness. You don’t have to worry about the carbohydrates or the calories. They manage to make this product delicious without putting too much carbohydrates and low sugar. It is an indulgent treat for fitness enthusiasts. You can have it after a routine; eating it without any guilt or worrying about the result.

What makes it good? Well it has high fiber and low sugar, delicious creamy bits, easy to chew, and it comes with Whey Protein Isolate. It will satisfy your cravings for a delicious snack without making you fat. If you are a chocolate lover, then this snack is good for you.cookies-and-cream-quest-bars

It smells and looks so alluring; it doesn’t look like a healthy snack, but it has 21 grams of protein, tons of fiber and low sugar added!Wow that’s one healthy snack. Enjoy it in any way you want. You can heat them up in the microwave, put it in the fridge, or make a recipe out of it. Most, if not all Quest bars product have that slightly chewy texture, this includes the cookies and cream. You will be amazed how the cookie crumble’s crispness remains despite being held within a chewy vanilla bar. You will have more satisfaction than eating an Oreo alone. The chunks of goodness will make you forget that you are eating a protein bar.

You can make different recipes using the Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar. You can make a cookies and cream chocolate layer cake, cinnamon walnut coffee cake, cookies and cream crusted chicken and many more. It depends on your creativity; you can make many other delicious recipes using this product. The Cookies & Cream Quest Protein Bar is insanely delicious but perfectly sweet. It is very difficult to describe what it tastes like, you must try it yourself. Experience it yourself and see why many are in love with it. To find out where to buy quest bars in store  outlets, you can order them through and find other Quest Bar products that you will surely love!

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Are Protein Bars Effective?

elanaspantry-chocolate-cranberry-power-bar-recipeGetting your body into the shape you want is tough work if you don’t have an idea on what you are going to do about your current weight. You have to be sure that you are going to be able to get things which are going to work rather than keep you at the same weight without any success. With protein bars, you have a good chance to get your body in the right shape without much of an effort. Surely they are not the miracle cure to being overweight, but you are going to be able to have the right nutrients. However, many people ask if they are effective or not.


When you eat a protein bar, you are going to be able to get whole grain nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. You don’t have to stick to one because there is a lot of different variety of flavors with their own benefits. Some of the things which you are going to get from are: nutrition, healthy carbohydrates, and whole grain. You are going to be able to see their effectiveness only if you are trying to eat right, exercising, and keeping up your water intake. You have to go with the flow if you are going to begin eating your share of protein bars. The only way they are going to be truly ineffective is if you are eating 2-3 of them a day.


Health is important and it makes sense that you are going to want to be in the best of shape. With protein bars, there are those out there which Fiber One Protein Caramel Nut Chewy Bar Closeare going to pack in some negative ingredients which will have an adverse effect on you. This is why it is always good to read up on the different pros and cons of getting started with protein bars and find out which ones are going to be the best for you. Such protein bars like QuestBar (grab a quest bars coupon here) and Cliff Bar are said to be bars which contain the right amount of nutrients. You are going to be able to get the right amount of nutrients in protein bars because of the special ingredients which are found inside. You want to be able to succeed in your goals to get a healthy body, but you have to make the effort to maintain it.


The effectiveness of anything is tested only by the use of it. When you have protein bars, you are going to want to make sure that you are not overdoing it. Having one a day is going to help you get the energy you need without adding too much sugar to your diet. When working out, it is best if you have one to give you the energy to do it. When eating a protein bar, you have to be sure that the calorie count you are consuming is not past what you should be eating per day. There are those out there which are going to push that a bit far and put into question the guarantee that protein bars are good. You are going to be able to have the right start right from the beginning.

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Healthy Tips To Live By

downloadIt has been said before and it will continue to be said that you have to make sure that you are in shape. There are many reasons why you should be working out, eating right and taking some vitamins to help you regulate what you are putting into your body. You are going to be able to get good health tips from a variety of sources and you will be able to learn a lot from following through with them as well. Some of the best well known healthy tips to live by are:

  • Get A Flu Shot – No one wants to have to catch the flu and live with it. You want to be able to do the things you want to do without worrying about getting sick and needing to stay in bed all your free time. That is why people get flu shots in the first place. With the many things that are in the air, germs are among the worst to affect you and your health. You’re going to be able to feel good knowing that you are protected.
  • Pace Yourself During Holidays – You don’t want to race to the dinner table and devour food in the matter of moments when it comes to holidays. You need to be able to have things in moderation and you simply need to make sure that nothing is going to happen. You can get an iherb vitamins code to bail you out when you fail to maintain the strict rules that you should be following. For the most part, it is easy to pace yourself once you have the motivation.
  • Keep Up Your Coffee Intake – You have heard it many times back and forth, but with drinking your morning coffee, you are going to be able to stimulate your brain and nervous system. Doctors have said that you are going to be able to even protect yourself from diabetes, mood problems, and even cavities. It is important to always make sure that you are going to be able to have your dose of caffeine in the morning.

You are going to be able to see a big change in your life the moment you implement these tips into your own life. There are many things you are going to have to gain from living a healthier life. You are going to be able to get up without struggling and that alone, makes up for all the pain you’re going to have to go through to get there.

It is important to try to get a discount coupon from iHerb if you are going to save yourself some money, but you have to make sure that you are going to get yourself on the right track. Whatever you decide, you have to make sure that you are going to be happy with your choices. Healthy choices to begin with will always make your life easier. However, you have to be sure that you are going to be able to have everything in place just the way you want it to be.

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Which Are The Healthy Supplements in todays world?

We all want to help our body get what it needs. This is a lot easier said then done. The truth about the supplement industry? Not all supplements are created equally. Luckily, there’s a way to tell. We can find out the which supplements are going to be the ones that will do a great job nurturing our body. Going to an online retailer and applying coupons from iherb gets you a great discount that you should know about. After you have found a good place to buy, we just need to look for these simple things.

Interested in buying a supplement over the internet? This can be dangerous, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s perfectly safe. First of all, you should look for the purity content when it comes to the world of online supplements. Supplements we buy not through a pharmacy might be cut with other ingredients, that’s why we make sure it says %100 before we buy.

Once we’ve seen that the purity’s alright, and any inactive ingredients are safe, you should expect all supplements to at least have some inactive ingredient, we can now look to see if it’s FDA approved. Some of the supplements that aren’t FDA approved are safe, but if you want to be extra careful, all the FDA approved supplements are safe for human consumption.

Then we need to make sure it’s a supplement we actually need. If we keep a healthy diet, rich in citrus, and tomato’s we won’t need as many nutritional supplements as someone who lives an unhealthy lifestyle. Can’t stand greens? Hate the idea of eating Kale, or Spinach? These happen to be some of my favorite foods, but others hate it. Well, if you’re eating these leafy greens, you’re missing out on vitamin K. You should ask your doctor if taking a supplement would be a good idea?

supplements and fishoil bought at iherb

Sometimes the vitamins we need have to do with gender, or how old we are. A young female, who is menstruating, loses iron every time she does it. This might mean that she should take an iron supplement, unless she eats a high iron diet, rich in Soy, and meet. Older women might find it helpful to take a calcium supplement. This will help prevent bone loss, and possibly make them stronger.

If you like taking a certain supplement, there’s a way you can save money on your purchase. Websites like Amazon, and websites that sell these supplements exclusively, have subscriptions. This means you’ll pay a lower rate for the product, but will get it every month. More money in your wallet, and you’re getting the product you love. If you’re going to spend the money anyway, why not spend less?

If you’re one of those people that has gotten on the organic bandwagon, then you probably want your supplements to be the same. You can always find any supplements you might need at whole foods, and sprouts.

I hope you make the right decisions when it comes to what supplement to buy. When you follow this list, you’ll have the tools you need to make sure you’re putting the right thing in your body.

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Should You Take Vitamin D And Omega-3 Fatty Acids– Why?

As the number of diseases which we fall a victim to is quite overwhelming, the number of supplements is too large for us to pick the most beneficial ones. How much do you know about Vitamin D? Is it all that the sun gives us? Do you know Omega-3 fatty acids offer several health benefits? While there are conflicting evidences, these two essentials are really worth trying if you want to avert some certain health issues.

Thinking about Vitamin D:

Vitamin D

Many of us often blame the sun as they believe that the sun is hardly good for us. However, you must not avoid the leading provider of our vitamin D needs. While some fortified foods along with fatty fishes can meet our daily needs, the sun is still the primary source. If you remain on the lookout of remedies for skin cancer, vitamin D can be an excellent item to be included.

What happens when you have vitamin D deficiency?

At times, people seem to have certain critical bone conditions like osteoporosis and osteomalacia which are caused due to the long-term deficiency of this vitamin. Several studies indicate that there might be a link between the efficacy of vitamin D and reduced risk of different types of cancers, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. Despite the urge to validate the link, you have reasons to get 200 to 400 international units or IU of vitamin D a day.

Why Omega-3 fatty acids:

These are actually polyunsaturated fats which we can find naturally in vegetable and fish oils. Flaxseed oil is an ideal example. Being an essential health supplement, omega-3 fatty acids lower the existing fats in our body which we call triglycerides. These fats are closely associated with the onset of diabetes and heart disease. Fish oil supplements are known to bring a slight lowering effect on our blood pressure. In some cases, these supplements may contribute to the prevention of heart diseases while lowering the hardening effects of arteries.

In fine, we can do some in-depth studies to wisely decide whether we should count on these supplements and if we take them, how much can be reasonable should also be studied.

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